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Varick, treasure hunter and psychic scoundrel, is hired by Anias, an Imperial academic, to investigate the ruins left behind by the vanished techno-gods, the Skylords. When they find and repair an intelligent robot named Aion, the three set out on a quest to repair Aion's damaged memory and discover the truth of what happened to the Skylords. But there are forces who wish the gods to remain absent, and others who seek the gods' power for themselves. Varick and Anias will face assassins, mad scientists, mutants, and demigods in their quest to help Aion reach the City of the Gods, but they will never succeed unless they can learn to trust one another, and themselves.


Sorcerer Dean Tychus fled Shanghai after accidentally freeing a malevolent demon known as the White Bone Spirit. He arrives in San Francisco, where the arcane detective Alex Lee takes him under her wing and puts him to work dealing with thieving stage magicians and a New York fatcat while she faces a hostile takeover of the city by Harry Houdini. But when the bodies begin to pile up, Dean learns that he didn’t leave the demon behind when he left Shanghai, and Alex finds she has a bigger problem than she ever dreamed.

WORLDS OF DREAM AND SHADOW (White Bone Spirit Book 2)

Dean Tychus, now an international agent for the Society of American Magicians, travels to London to investigate the disappearance of a society informant and the rumors of a strange cult dealing in otherworldly activities. Meanwhile, Alex Lee returns to her family's home in Shanghai seeking to discover why the Monkey King would want anything to do with her. Each will face their demons and seek to master them, or risk being consumed by them.

If you are interested in learning more about these novels, please contact me or my agent, Susan Velazquez Colmant at JABberwocky Literary Agency.

Short Stories

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